Photos I shot of the Telemark Canal which were then projected and mangled by
lighting designer Tord Knudsen during a live performance. I also shot the video and recorded the audio.

From Terje Evensens vimeo:

The Telemark Canal – a musical tribute to the Telemark canal

The Telemark canal was incredibly important historically, and also had a great impact on the town Skien, and Telemark county in general. That’s why I made, as an homage, a composition, a soundscape, inspired by the history and my impressions of the canal’s surroundings.

The entire composition is based on recordings made in situ of the locks at the village of Løveid and various locations along the canal. So all the electronic noises you hear have their origin in those in situ recordings; No additional synth or drum machine is used. Even the melodies were given to me by the water, when I began to process the recordings.

It was especially the drama and danger that surrounded the work with timber floating back in the day that peaked my interest the most. This unknown power that the water may possess, that early morning when the sun was rising and everything was so incredibly calm and peaceful.