a happy birthday guitar medley

description from youtube:

Get ready to join an exciting journey from Zelda to Hotel California!
My sons gave me this brilliant Happy Birthday greeting. I was really touched and remain proud of how they managed to create such a magnificent medley. Enjoy!

Guitar/bass guitar – André Flatby Solberg
Guitar/electric guitar/piano/drums – Stian Flatby
Guitar/electric guitar – Joakim Flatby
camera a – thomas furuholmen
camera b – koshi.io
mix – Ulf Holand holandsound.no
director and editor – stian flatby

Songs played:
Happy Birthday
Tamacun – Rodrigo y Gabriela
Gerudo Valley (Zelda)
Apache – The Shadows
Classical Gas – Mason Williams
Drifting – Andy Mckee
Still Awake – Tobias Rauscher
Hyrule Field (Zelda)
Hotel California – Eagles